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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - July 11 2000

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In Blackpool at the Hortons house, Jack and Vera put two and two together and realise Gary was the modest hero who saved the young lad from drowning on the beach. A journo turns up to get the whole story and Vera unwittingly tells him more than she should about Gary - and Judy. Anyway, when Gary reads the piece, he wrongly assumes Paula has been talking to the press and storms off down the pier to give her a piece of his mind. Vera apologises to Gary after the journalist tells him how he got the story, and Gary finally makes things up with Paula, after a little chat with Jack about how he feels hes betraying Judys memory. Jack tells him to do it, so he does and the pair of them go out for dinner at a posh restaurant. The newspaper is picking up the tab for the meal so the journo assumes he can hang around for a decent picture but he fair puts the two of them off their food. They decide to leave before pudding and have a kiss by the donkeys on Blackpool sands. Elsewhere in Blackpool, Vera and Norris are tripping the light fandango in the tower ballroom. Veras enjoying every minute with Norris, an expert dancer. I never knew you had it in yer, she tells him. Neither did I! he replies. Anyway, theres a dance contest later in the week and Norris gets chatted up by quickstep dancing, sparkly sandal wearing Celeste Pickersgill. Norris soon decides hes going to enter the contest with his new lady friend, a much better dancer than his original partner, much to Vera's disappointment.

So when Gary and Paula are out wining and dining and Jack and Vera are out seeing something on the pier (probably Chubby Brown, or The Nolans, at a guess), Tyrone and Maria have the house to themselves, after offering to stay in and babysit the twins. Maria wants to get passionate and offers up her dignity to Tyrone, who refuses it. He was hoping for a couple of hours playing cards and tells Maria hes not ready to have sex, not yet; he wants to wait until hes legally wed.

Mikes back at the flat, home from the hospital and Linda takes charge of looking after his diet for him - no whisky, no cigars, no cheesy puffs, no pies and none of them little chocolate things. Fred pops round for a man to man chat and wonders if Mikes heart is up to the romance of dating such a determined young filly as Linda. Back at the Rovers, Fred bumps into Alma and tells her about Mike. Shes upset - both at hearing about Mikes attack but also that no one else had told her before now. She goes round to the flat to see her ex-spouse and the two of them have a comfy chat until Linda comes in - all insecure and nasty to Alma. Later in the Rovers, Linda has to face the wrath of Blanche as she defends Alma and Mikes friendship. Whats this then? asks Linda, The old bags union or summat? Yes says Blanche It is. And we all stick together so just you watch out. More continuance of the Mike/Mark/Linda sex triangle (sextangle?) with Mark not knowing if hes coming or going, Linda coming everywhere, nothing getting sorted and viewers getting bored.

Kens quite chuffed at having been offered a job at the Weatherfield Gazette as a freelance columnist. Blanche wonders (out loud, very loud) what on earth her supermarket working, trolley pushing son in law could possibly have to say to the masses, but this doesnt deter him at all.

Roy holds the first of his Homewatch meetings in the cafe. Its a chance for the neighbours to unite and talk through security issues in light of the recent burglaries. They invite PC Emma who offers to come along to talk to everyone, but when she doesnt arrive, they wonder what shes up to, and comment on the fact that policemen look younger these days and that some of them even look like women. Anyway, the reason that Emma misses the meeting is that shes too busy catching the burglars, with the help of Curly and Les, as Curlys house is in the process of getting burgled as she returns there to pick up something to take to the meeting with her. Next day, as Emma is given a heros breakfast by Roy in the cafe, Curly gets all protective about his Wonder Woman and muses on the inherent dangers of her job. She tells him she loves her job and doesnt want to discuss it any further. Fair cop.

The lovely Spider offers to stay with Aunty Em for a few nights after her break- in, but when Em notices theres some tension between him and Toyah, she insists on Spider going straight back to the flat to stay with Toyah instead. It seems as if the first green bits of whiffy mould are starting to grow on the organic, wholemeal, free range egg on toast that was Spider and Toyahs love thing.

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