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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Feb 22 2000

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It's Mike's birthday and Linda decides he's having a party, to which she invites all the girls from the factory. When Mike finds out, he makes her go and un-invite them all, of course and asks Linda if she can rustle up a few canapés for the party, just like Alma used to do. Being a woman after my own heart, Linda gets the caterer in and leaves canapé making to those that can, while still taking credit for food she hasn't made herself. Everyone's at the party from the Street with Mark bringing along Leanne. He's given girlfriend Claire the heave-ho so he can liase with Leanne, much to Mike's annoyance. So, everyone's there, except of course for Ken, and sadly, Alma isn't invited, which would've been nice I thought, even if she wouldn't have turned up. There's a great scene between Curly and Alma this week when, with tears in her eyes, Alma tells Curly her life's regrets, urging him to 'get out there, get a nice young woman and have a family together' to which Curly surprises her by saying 'I already have', then goes on to tell her all about his New Year's visit from Racquel.

Sarah-Lou's eating habits are causing major concern for Gail. The girl just won't eat and when she does eat, it's forced by Gail, while Martin takes Sarah-Lou's side, just to wind Gail up. Anyway, when Gail finds Sarah-Lou being sick in the bathroom, she whisks her off to the doctor, fearful that her daughter is becoming anorexic. After examining the patient, the diagnosis is delivered. The doctor is calm. Gail is aghast. Sarah-Lou is pregnant!!

Meanwhile, over at the nurse's home, Martin has reached a decision of his own. He's going to leave Gail and play happy families with Rebecca. His mind is made up - but will Rebecca still fancy him when she finds out he's a (sort of) grand-dad?

Fred's bad back is playing up something terrible and after a visit to his doc on the NHS, he's not best pleased to be told to lose some weight to help his condition. Mrs Maudsely, a customer at Frescho, overhears Fred moaning about his back and offers him a professional massage in the comfort of her home, she's certified and all that, so Fred agrees. Anyway, he's stripped off and Mrs M is in the process of rubbing oil all over Fred's back when the police burst in and arrest the masseuse for running an indecent house (aka brothel). As Fred is taken away in a police car for questioning, Tyrone is walking Monica past the scene, and the next day, the talk on the Street is all about Fred visiting a naughty massage parlour. He soon puts them straight though, I say he tells them all, with a declaration in the Rovers that no charges will be brought against him, then offers to buy drinks all round to shut the lot of 'em up.

Things are tense in the Rovers between Natalie and Vinny, when he gives Geena the night off, forgetting that Natalie was off out on the town that night with sister Debs. "Just you remember who's name is above that door!" she tells him, and how could he forget? In an effort to save their relationship, Vinny gets a labouring job on the Victoria Street site so that he and Nat aren't working together any longer, and the pair of them agree to proper courting again.

And that's just about that for this week. Not a great deal happening right now, but with Sarah Lou being pregnant and Martin about to prove to Gail that he's the immature cretin she always thought he was, well, things could get quite exciting.

Glenda ;-)

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