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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Dec 21 1999

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Glenda was away, this week's update written by Barry Smith

Vera meets Fred and lets him know the bad news about the short-lived racing career for Tyrone's Torpedo and he reassures her that the syndicate will cover the vet's bills incurred, which is a relief to poor Tyrone and a fine birthday present. Jack and Vera buy him a course of driving lessons and give him a lovely card and write on it that he's like a son to them. Tyrone seems upset by the card and Vera thinks that she may have upset him with her sentiments, but it soon becomes clear after a heart-to-heart with Jack, that Tyrone has difficulty reading and writing and is very embarassed about it. Vera and Jack try to get him to get some help and Vera has a word with Ken who agrees to teach him if he's willing to learn, but Tyrone is upset that Vera went behind his back. At Vera's request, Ken has a word with Tyrone about his problem, but Tyrone shuns his advances, though after Toyah has a quiet word with him, Tyrone goes to Ken and asks him to help him and Ken agrees.

Everyone is getting sorted out for Christmas Day. Danny has booked himself, Sally and the girls into a hotel in Southport. Rosie and Sophie are excited at the idea, but Sally is annoyed that he sprang this on them as it could cause problems with Kevin. She talks it over with Kevin who isn't best pleased, but agrees to it for the sake of the kids. Natalie has invited Vinny, who was hoping it was just him, Kevin, Curly and Jim round for dinner on the day, though Jim declines as he's clearly hoping to spend Christmas with Gwen. Meanwhile Alma is telling different stories to everyone about her plans and it's clear she'll be on her own and doesn't seem too happy about it. On hearing that Gary intends to spend Christmas and the twins' first birthday on his own, Vera & Jack invite him and the babies round for Christmas Day at the B&B.

Nita receives a letter telling her that she wasn't successful at the job interview and this really knocks the wind out of her sails as James had given her the impression that she would walk it. When she confronts him about it, he accuses her of using him to try to climb the corporate ladder and she goes away dejected, feeling just as used herself. Things are made worse when Curly tries to be supportive over her failure to get the job and she takes it the wrong way, thinking that he's trying it on. She reveals to Linda later that she thinks she has damaged her reputation. Meanwhile in the corner shop, Dev has some news for Nita and Vikram. Ravi is staying in India to try and sort out his brother's business interests, but in order to get hold of some quick cash to pay off some debtors, he has sold his entire chain of shops to Dev. Vikram and Nita are both concerned about the loss of their inheritance, but Vikram more so as he thinks his job is in danger too. He eventually gets to speak to Dev and when he explains himself, Dev agrees to write off the £1000 debt that Vik still owes to the shop and agrees to keep him on.

Spider advises Toyah that 'If someone is a problem, then they usually have a problem', but she gets nowhere in trying to sort out Leanne who has become so desperate for the cheap thrills of cocaine, that she has resorted to getting it on tick from Jez, who assures her that he will get the money 'one way or another'. The two sisters have a blazing row after Toyah sees Leanne getting a wrap off Jez, which ends up with Leanne telling Toyah to mind her own business, 'You're not even my real sister anyway'. Natalie is given further cause for concern about her barmaid, when Mike warns her away from his flat and Leanne admits to Natalie that Mike accused her of stealing money, but she denies that she did. I think Natalie will be keeping a close eye on her in the future.

To the sounds of 'Tragedy', Gail and Martin enter the hospital Christmas party, where they meet Rebecca and her husband Jerry. It's quite clear that this man is an absolute pig and it's no wonder Rebecca is distraught. An argument quickly develops and Martin ends up trying to console Rebecca and they very nearly end up kissing. The following day at work, there's no embarassment between the 2 of them over the previous night and Rebecca tells Martin how nice she thinks Gail is and later in the pub, Gail expresses similar sentiments and thinks it might be a good idea for Martin to invite Rebecca out for a drink sometime. When they meet up in the Rovers, Gail sympathises with Rebecca over having to spend Christmas with someone who clearly doesn't want to be there as she'd experienced a similar situation in her first marriage.
Norris is fast becoming a suitable replecement for Mavis and to celebrate his first successful week behind the Kabin counter, Rita takes him to the Rovers for a drink. While Rita has been suffering from 'flu upstairs, Norris has come up with a few ideas about the running of the Kabin and whilst Rita tries to dampen down his excessive enthusiam a bit, she does seem rather taken with the idea of opening a sub post office. So much so that within a day, she manages to get some plans drawn up for redesigning the shop. She invites Norris round to discuss the plans over dinner and Norris accepts but reminds Rita about his nut allergy, saying 'you only have to put me in a room with a pistachio and I come out in blotches'. Towards the end of the evening, Norris is concerned that there may be more to Rita's invitation than just dinner, but he is soon reassured that Rita is just as happy with her own company as he is with his.

Newton and Ridley have agreed to supply a marquee for the millennium street party and Hayley is busy sewing fancy dress outfits for just about everybody on the street during her dinner hour. With all this talk about the millennium party, the women in the factory realise they've done nothing about a Christmas party. Linda is convinced that she can get some money towards it out of Mike, but Janice and Gwen are more circumspect. They end up having a bet and it looks as though Linda will lose until Deirdre intervenes and points out how hard they've all been working recently and Mike relents, deciding it would be a good idea to keep his workforce sweet in preparation for some big orders in the new year.

Thoughts of Christmas are in the air in the Peacock household, where Maxine decides to have a dummy run for preparing Christmas dinner and despatches Ashley off to the pub. It's a complete disaster of course and on her mam's advice, she decides to pack it all in and go to have a long soak. Just as Ashley arrives home, the smoke alarm goes off as another of Maxine's culinary disasters turns to charcoal and Ashley consoles his poor wife, saying 'Who needs turkey anyway, when I've got a beautiful peacock.' They go out to the pub and return to find out that the bath is still running and they've managed to flood the place. Ashley says he'll have a word with Fred and they can host Christmas Day round at his place, but Maxine insists that they do it in their own house and employs the services of Pat the builder who thinks he can get it sorted out in time after Maxine suggests she pay him on double time. Ashley isn't too happy with the arrangement, but realises that Maxine has the bit between her teeth and there will be no stopping her. She even manages to get Fred involved.

So that's it for this week, I hope you all have a good time over the coming week, whatever festival you may be celebrating.

Barry Smith

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