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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update - Apr 8 1997

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Derek is dead. Popped his clogs, gone to sell paper-clips to the angels. Poor bloke, what an undignified ending. To the strains of "Tit willow, tit willow" old Derek has a heart attack after a fit of road rage in the country. We all knew it was coming, except it seems for poor Mavis who was in the middle of her birthday soiree with a houseful of guests waiting for Derek to show up.

Meanwhile, Baldwin confronts Don Brennan when he finally realises that it was Don who torched his factory. Don admits all to Mike but tells him he'll never be able to prove it was him. Immediately, Mike goes to the police who question Don but they need proof to arrest him. Mike returns to confront Don once more, this time with a small microphone hidden behind his tie, connected to a tape recorder, hoping to get a taped confession from Don. Unfortunately Don spots Mike's mike and the game is up. However, after a drunken binge, Don admits to Ashley it was he who burned the factory down. Will Ashley do the decent thing and report Don to the police? Course he will.

Roy Cropper comes down with flu so Audrey helps out in the cafe. She takes a fancy to a tubby long distance lorry driver and decides to chat him up. With Audrey sitting on his dining table whispering sweet nothings in his ear, this bloke shows what a cast iron constitution he has and isn't going to let anything put him off his egg and chips!

Andy the sulky student has decided he wants to drop out of University with only 2 months to go before his final exams. Steve McDonald comes home from prison this weekend - just in time for Fiona's engagement party (what a co-incidence!) but escorts Andy out of Fiona's flat when Andy and Alan come to blows, Andy once more has fried his brain on cheap lager. The next day the McDonald clan attempt to have a normal family lunch together but Andy walks out to the nearest pub with Steve following him. Andy gets into another fight in the bar, and Steve takes a whack on the nose and gets a fractured cheekbone, making him late getting back to prison (and not doing his record there any good at all I imagine). Most chilling line this week was Steve McDonald saying about Fiona's engagement "She'll not marry him, she'll marry me". Oh no!

Natalie Horrocks, Kev's new business partner takes Kev for a quick drink in the Rovers to tell him that she'll be taking more of an interest in the garage now that she and her husband are separated. Somehow I don't think it's the garage she's interested in, and what with Sally at her mum's in Scarborough too, who knows what might happen? Surely our Kev isn't going to be unfaithful?
Angie takes Chris in as her lodger, after the two of them snogged each other at Fiona and Alan's party. Mavis is most upset that the scruffy (but lovely) Chris will be her new neighbour.

Tricia's new bloke Ray is getting his feet firmly under the table when he takes Tricia out one evening (while Vera and Jack baby-sit) and then the next night they stay in, watching videos in the back room with Jamie. Scriptwriters - marry her off for goodness sake, she's never been happier.

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